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“London’s greatness is fuelled by its landscapes. Its churches, its palaces and parks, its markets and squares, these great buildings inspire us, remind us of our history. Remove Smithfield and we lose that history forever, it's no longer ours to enjoy anymore. Don't tear down Smithfield General Market and Annex with their wonderful market halls or London will become a duller place. ”

—Helen McCrory

If you go to St Bartholomew’s and then walk through Smithfield, it is like walking from one cathedral to another. You wouldn’t pull down St Bartholomew’s nor should you pull down Smithfield.

—Alan Bennett, author and actor

“Food markets are vital to the lives of cities, as I explained in my 2008 book ‘Hungry City: how food shapes our lives.’ Smithfield Market has been operating on this site since the 9th century and is a unique and vital part of London’s history. The resurgence of the Smithfield area over the past two decades owes everything to the market; to lose this vibrancy for yet another clone-town mall would be a tragic mistake.”

—Carolyn Steel, author

“Smithfield Market is legendary, not just in Britain but worldwide. It has featured in art, literature (and recently, film) for hundreds of years. As a complex, it is an unrivalled example of urban commercial architecture. To heedlessly destroy its market halls with yet more soulless blocks is thorough thoughtless and opportunistic of Henderson Global Investors.
The fact that other equally historic open-air market spaces are thriving as centres of trade and interest should be take into account before any decision is made to allow such an act of vandalism.”

—Nicky Haslam, interior designer

“You can’t stop change but you should be able to recognise when something is extraordinary which Smithfield General Market is! This is the time to say no.”

—Fergus Henderson, chef and proprietor St John Restaurant


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