Save Smithfield Market

Clerkenwell Design Week 20.05.14

There was a great turnout for our Save Smithfield talk at Clerkenwell Design Week.

Clem Cecil of SAVE and Cathedral Group CEO Richard Upton both gave impassioned speeches about the campaign. They summarised the evidence that shows there is a way to retain and restore all of Smithfield’s currently empty historic buildings in a viable and deliverable scheme. This scheme involves no demolition, only sensitive refurbishment and proposes to enliven the market buildings with a rich mix of food markets, restaurants, event spaces and quirky office space. In the coming months we want to galvanise support for the campaign by lobbying the Secretary of State to overturn the resolution to grant planning consent to Henderson Global Investors by the City of London Corporation application so that an alternative proposal has a chance of saving these beautiful buildings.

What you can do to help: Now is the time to lobby Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to refuse the Henderson application so that a more sympathetic proposal, which will retail ALL the historic buildings, can come forward.

The reference for this application is AA/K5030/V13/2205294 – it is important you quote this.

You will have your own reasons for supporting the Save Smithfield Market campaign. Our reasons include:

1. HGI’s proposals cause very substantial harm to the General Market building and Annex and to the Smithfield Conservation Area

2. HGI’s contention that 75 per cent of the fabric will be retained is misleading

3. It would be tragedy for this site and the conservation area to be overwhelmed with the proposed new office blocks

4. The HGI application does not deliver wider public benefits

5. The Clerkenwell/Farringdon area can become an important creative hub for London and needs ‘meeting places’, not more standard offices

6. The viability of a market retention scheme has now been shown to be true


Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP

Department for Communities and Local Government

Eland House

Bressenden Place






@EricPickles – will you back the campaign to #savesmithfield


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