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The Hanes Womens Open Toe Slide Slippers Are As Durable As They Are Luxurious, Keeping You Feeling Comfortable All Day Long. The Inside Cushioning Allows The Slipper To Mold To The Shape Of Your Foot, Creating The Most Comfortable Custom Fit And Provides You With All The Style, Flexibility And Support You Need In A Slipper. Their lightweight construction and fully lined jersey material provides extra-added comfort, breathability and relaxation to keep your feet happy all day long. These Hanes Womens Slides Are Extremely Versatile, Making Them The Perfect Everyday Slippers, Holiday Gift, Mothers Day Present, Graduation Or Birthday Gift, Travel Slipper for Optimal packing, Or Just A Special Treat For Yourself.

Hanes 여성용 오픈 토 슬라이드 슬리퍼는 고급스러운 만큼 내구성이 뛰어나 하루 종일 편안함을 느낄 수 있습니다. 안쪽 쿠션은 슬리퍼가 발 모양에 맞게 변형될 수 있게 해 주며, 가장 편안한 맞춤형 핏을 만들어주며 슬리퍼에 필요한 모든 스타일, 유연성 및 지지력을 제공합니다. 가벼운 구조와 전체 안감 저지 소재는 추가적인 편안함, 통기성 및 휴식을 제공하여 하루 종일 발을 행복하게 유지합니다. Hanes 여성용 슬라이드는 다양한 용도로 활용할 수 있어 완벽한 일상 슬리퍼, 명절 선물, 어머니의 날 선물, 졸업식 또는 생일 선물, 최적의 포장을 위한 여행 슬리퍼 또는 자신을 위한 특별한 선물로 적합합니다.

STYLISH AND BREATHABLE: The combination of the open-toe silhouette and ultra-comfy jersey fabrication will make these slides perfect for getting out of the shower, working from home, or getting your packages outside.
FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT: The unique construction and design of this slipper allows for a perfect fit every time, making it easy to slide them on or off in just a second.
ANTI-SLIP AND DURABLE SOLE: The textured bottom of the indoor/outdoor sole grips to the floor, helping prevent you from sliding or slipping around the house.
SIZING TIP: Available in standard US Womens size Small (US 6 – 7), Medium (US 7 – 8), Large (US 8 – 9), Extra Large (9 – 10). Slipper is narrow in width, if you have wide feet we recommend buying 1 size up.
MACHINE WASHABLE: Do your slippers get dirty quickly? No problem. Simply throw your Hanes slippers in the washer to clean, and they will look as good as new. Choose slippers that are always fresh with less hassle.

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