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You could use a regular brush, but where’s the love? Meric’s grooming glove helps you bond with your best friend as they feel your soothing comforting touch and smell your scent. It gives you the health benefits of petting such as reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. The textile sensation and repetitive action of stroking your pet while grooming with our glove will promote inner calm just like meditation. Regular grooming is important to your pet’s health. It improves skin and fur and, for cats it can reduce hairballs. It’s important to the health of your home because it helps remove and reduce allergens and hair in the air and on surfaces. It’s also important for your heart.

Taking time to groom your best friend regularly will help you grow closer and give you time and space to decompress and destress after the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Grooming will improve your dog’s skin, make their coat soft and shiny, and may ease the ache of arthritis in senior pups. Brushing your feline will help reduce hairballs which is great for your kitty and less cleaning for you. Meric’s glove is ideal for brushing dirt off horses and for detangling manes and tails. Our glove is a must for pet lovers with loads of benefits for you and your pet’s overall wellness.
✓ LOWER STRESS TOGETHER — Petting your furry friend may reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and release those feel-good endorphins. Being petted reduces stress and anxiety on animals and releases those positive endorphins, too.
✓ REDUCE ALLERGENS — Regular grooming removes loose hair and old skin cells which may cause pet allergies. Animals also carry pollens and biota which also cause common allergies. Meric’s brush glove also removes pollens and biota.
✓ SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING — Not only will you grow closer to your pet through regular grooming, but your feline’s loose hair goes into the glove and then into the trash-not on your clothes or furniture!
✓ FITS LIKE A GLOVE — Meric’s breathable nylon and rubber glove is 9.8” x 6”(25 x 15cm) and has an adjustable hook-and-loop fastener for a secure comfortable fit and the rubber grooming nubs clean easily.

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