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Ctpeng Dog Bath Grooming Brush


Profession comes from life.

You see, this is our bulldog.

As a pet company, we like animals.

Because of companionship, We found the needs of pets.We found that traditional iron rakes can easily hurt puppies.

Taking a bath should be a happy time, but from the performance of dogs, they don’t enjoy this time,

So we designed our silicone pet brush.

Pet Brush
Pet Brush

Rinse your dog first
Open the cap on the pet brush and pour shampoo into it
Begin from the neck, and work backward toward the torso and legs
Brush into the direction you want the hair to grow (this prevents ingrown hairs and irritation)

Pet Hair
Pet Hair

[Convenience and high quality] The size is very small, the weight is very light, you can carry it anytime and anywhere, even you can not feel its existence.Compared with other soft brushes, ours uses 100% high-quality silicone, which is soft and has no peculiar smell. It can even be used on ourselves and our children. Therefore, your pet deserves a better bath time.
[Multi-function] Compared with traditional brushes, our pet brushes are not only different from oters in brush head.They can release your other hand. You don’t need to deliberately hold the cleaning liquid. You only need to put the cleaning liquid into the holder behind the brush. In the jar, you can bathe your pet brush with a gentle squeeze.
[Better compatibility] As puppy supplies,it is designed for pets with various furs, not only puppy brush for small dogs,also such as short-haired, medium-haired and long-haired pets, such as puppys, cats, kittens, horses, rabbits.Our Brisels not strong , but with iron rake, the effect will be better
[Ideal gift for dear one] This is a brush that won’t let the dog run away.This is a good gift,In addition we are full of confidence in quality,so if there is any non-artificial problem,contact Ctpeng support to solve your problems.

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